We are committed to helping you start and succeed on your financial journey.

MyFinanceandi is a financial literacy platform focused on teaching individuals how to make smart financial decisions with their finances in order for them to create the financial security they need to enjoy an active and independent life.

We do this by providing access to financial education, free + paid resources including ebooks and courses on personal finance and investments, an incredibly supportive community as well as opportunities to enable you build wealth.

Meet Racheal Alabi

Racheal Alabi is a financial advisor and coach who is committed to helping people understand how important financial planning is to their financial future.

Her financial journey began when she almost had an extra year in her final year at the university. She has since then educated numerous people on how money works and how to make smart financial decisions to build wealth.

Through MyFinanceAndI, Racheal has helped over 200 individuals develop good financial habits, increase their income streams, begin their investing journey, achieve their financial goals, and develop a financial plan to live their best lives.

Racheal holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics and a Diploma in Financial Planning.